Michaela CristalloHi there! Michaela here, I’m the founder of For the Creators and I’m here to help you live your best creative life EVER!

I love creating more than anything. You’ll regularly find me designing up a storm in my studio, writing my heart out online, crafting anything and everything, and making the art I’m called to make.

When I’m not busily creating in the studio I’m here sharing my deepest creative wisdom, insights and get-moving-strategies with you! Why? Because I want you to start living your best creative life today.

I’ve built For the Creators to inspire you, get you moving, unstuck, fired up and ready to create! It doesn’t matter what kind of creator you are – artist, designer, writer, crafter, just a creative enthusiast? You are welcome.

Here at For the Creators I share all sorts of creative wisdom and inspiration every single week. I’ve gathered a few of my most popular blog posts here to get you started…

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For the Creators is here to help you live your best creative life ever and I’d absolutely love you to join us! Whether you’re a long time artist, new designer, seasoned writer, casual crafter or just getting back in touch with your creative side you’ve found your tribe with us.

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