How to Set Your 2016 Creative Goals

2016 creative goalsThe start of a new year is full of possibility and excitement. But it can also be downright intimidating. Like a blank canvas staring back at you, the possibilities are endless but those first strokes are the most difficult to make.

And while others might have dived straight into 2016 planning in December, you might be sitting here in January still wondering what’s next.

The sheer possibility of what you could achieve can be incredibly overwhelming. Remember though, we often overestimate what we can achieve in a day and underestimate what we can achieve in a year.

What a year can mean

Sustained effort over the course of an entire 365 days can yield huge results.

It can mean thousands of new fans, hundreds of new customers, a multitude of new opportunities and big firsts.

But the key word here is sustained.

To rally sustained effort around something, you need to start with a clear intention and goal.

The power of focus

If there’s one big lesson I’ve learned over the years of engaging with creative work it’s this: focus is everything.

Focus is the difference between wafting from task to task and actually competing something.

It’s the difference between accumulating momentum in one continuous direction and just floating along.

It’s the difference between success, however you personally define it, and just another year.

Set a goal

From my personal experience, setting a goal is the very best way to focus in. By setting a goal you are telling your brain ‘Hey! This is what we’re aiming at!’. And the brain listens.

As soon as you have a goal, you are both consciously and subconsciously working to make that goal a reality every day. Both through your clear and set actions towards its achievement, and the more subtle changes in your behaviour and mindset that you might not even fully realise.

Have you set your 2016 goals?

So, my question to you is this. Do you have clearly defined goals for your creative work this year? And if so, do they excite you?

Right now in January is the very best time to set yourself up for a great 2016 by setting some big creative goals.

Free online goal setting workshop

2016 creative goalsNext week I’m hosting a free live online workshop to help you set your 2016 creative goals.

In this hour long workshop I’ll be taking you through my creative goal setting process step by step to help you define and set your big 2016 goals.

Join me next Tuesday 19th January at 7pm Central Time US (that’s midday Wednesday 20th January in Sydney for all my fellow Aussies!)

There will be lots of time for questions at the end, and I’ll be opening up registrations for my 2016 creative goal achievers program live at the workshop.

Click here to secure your place at the free 2016 Creative Goal-Setting Workshop

See you there!

P.S. If you can’t make the live workshop time, make sure you register anyway! There will be a recording made available for everyone who registers for the live workshop. Click here to secure your place.

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