The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself & Your Creative Work This Festive Season

The Greatest Gift You Can Give Yourself & Your Creative Work This Festive SeasonIt’s that time of year again, Christmas is fast approaching and the year is coming to a close. I’m finding myself winding down from official work and projects, and sliding into a slower pace. I’m spending time in my studio creating gifts and working on personal projects just for me. It’s a nice feeling.

This year has been a big year of changes and new beginnings for me, both with my creative work and in my life in general. It’s been a big and amazing year, but it has also been frantic in many ways. I’ve felt like I’ve been on a timeline for much of the year with a constant to do list. Despite all the amazing things that have come of this year, I have also felt exhausted and depleted at times.

The seasons of the year

The slowing in pace this month has been a stark reminder for me of the seasonal nature of our years, and indeed our lives. Just as there are seasons in nature for hot and cold, blistering heat and pounding snow, there are seasons in our lives and years.

There are times throughout the year for busy work and timelines, and there too are seasons for nurturing and slowness. Without both there would be no balance. They are a perfect opposite match and there is time for each in all our lives.

My time to slow down

Christmas time is that slow and nurturing time for me. My time to slow down, to rid myself of timelines, to create for me and to embrace the spirit of the season.

Christmas is the time of year when I can enjoy each day for what it is. It’s a time when I can spend hours making a gift for a loved one, or something for myself, without the guilt that I should be doing something more productive with my studio time.

It’s the time of year when I can listen to Christmas carols on repeat whilst indulging in a home baked Christmas fruit loaf fresh from my brother’s oven. When I can gather with family to share a home cooked meal and Christmas festivities around the Christmas tree with smiles all round.

It’s the time of year when I can sit quietly and reflect. Perhaps with rose coloured glasses on the year that’s been, but reflect all the same.

Above all, it’s that overwhelming feeling of everything being just right. The timelines are gone, the deadlines have passed, the to dos are all ticked and all that’s left is time to just be.

A time for reflection

festive-season-quoteWhether you celebrate Christmas or not, the end of each year is a wonderful time for reflection.

The year end is a chance to slow down and take stock of the year that has been. It is, if nothing else, an opportunity to take the time you need to imagine a new start - Click to Tweet

And that’s what I hope for you this December. Give yourself the gift of this time for you. Let yourself embrace the season. Create something just for you, or someone you love. Reflect on the year that’s been.

January will be full of opportunities to plan for the year ahead and start chipping away at your big goals, but for now embrace the season of just being.

There’s no better season for you to be just you. Embrace it.

How are you embracing the season of slowness and reflection this year end? And what are you doing to celebrate the festive season this year? I’d love to hear from you. Leave me a comment below.

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3 Reactions

  1. Daniel

    Hello :)

    It’s true, we should just enjoy our time. I have a long time not doing it. Thank you for reminding me of it :)

    I’m embracing it by spending time with myself, and not other imposed activities. Feeling guilt free for resting for the evening. It feels good to be a bit relaxed for a while, though I have to get to work on stuff eventually, as I must study and prepare for the next year.

    The difference lies in the approach. Not feeling chained by imposed tasks, but volunteer to do such tasks.

    Thank you for writing, once again. :)

    Greetings from Venezuela

    • Michaela Cristallo

      Thanks for reading Daniel :) I really like your take on this of not feeling chained by imposed tasks but instead volunteering yourself to do them. It’s difficult to step back sometimes when we are so committed to and entrenched in what we are doing, but it’s this time away that really allows our work to be even better. Plus we all need a break every now and then!

  2. Chas

    It is a time for reflection and a time for sharing. I have been painting. Thank you for your thoughts.

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