Why You Need a Mid Year Creative Goals Review (& how to do one)

Creative Goal SettingIt feels like only yesterday that it was January 1st and I was excitedly looking over my list of new year goals. There was such a sense of optimism and excitement in the air. It felt like anything was possible.

But as it goes, as the months ticked by, my daily to do list grew with must dos, and with it some of my aspirations for the new year fell by the wayside.

I’ve achieved so many great things this year, but there’s still lots that I haven’t even started.

Things I’d hoped to have begun by now, things that I thought would be well underway. And they just haven’t happened yet.

Full of potential

Our plans for our creative work feel so full of potential at the beginning of the year. But when you’re midway staring back on six months and you haven’t yet achieved what you thought you would, it can be disheartening.

The ultimate keyword here though is yet. Because there’s still another six months.

As I approach 30 in the next couple of years, I’m often victim in my thinking that I need to achieve a whole list of tick points before I reach the big 3-0 and finally step into that ‘true adult’ phase of life. You know, owning my own home, getting married, having kids, creating a wildly successful business and a sizeable savings account to boot.

I’ve achieved some of these things. But others are still in the pipeline and that’s ok. Because it’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon. The truth is that there is no shame in working towards some of these goals over a longer timeframe.

It’s not a sprint, it’s a marathon

I like to think of the year in the same way. The goals we set at the beginning of each year for our creative work are set to be achieved over a whole year, and often even longer.

If you’ve swerved off course during the first half of the year, that’s ok because you have a whole other six months to get back on track.

If you’ve lost focus, it’s not too late to get it back.

And if you’ve changed directions completely, that’s ok too. Because you’re not tied to your goals. They are there to make you happy. And if you’ve changed throughout the year, sometimes your goals need to change too.

It’s time to reassess things

No matter how far or how little you think you’ve progressed this year, the best thing you can do right now is take some time out to look at the goals and intentions you set at the beginning of the year and see where you’re at.

It can be as extravagant as a whole planning retreat day at a special location, or as simple as spending an hour in your lounge room with a pen and paper.

My 2015 goals review

I spent the afternoon at local café today revisiting my 2015 goals and it was exactly what I needed. I found a lovely sunny spot a short walk from my house, ordered a delicious slice of cake and got to work.

What I realised as I reviewed my 2015 creative goals is that what had felt like falling behind in some areas, was often just a change in direction or focus. And where I faltered on some goals, I had excelled in others.

So while I’d been kicking myself for my lack of total achievement, I’d really just refocused my energy over the last six months to where it was most needed at the time. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that.

The nature of goal setting

Creative Goal SettingWe set our goals at the beginning of each year in a bit of an idealistic vacuum. We’re high on the optimism of the new year arriving, and in reality we have no idea of what it will actually bring. So we set goals that sometimes are unrealistic for the reality of our year.

Sometimes we set goals that are incongruent.

Sometimes we set goals that are overly optimistic in terms of timeframe.

And sometimes we set goals that just don’t suit us or our true desires anymore.

And that’s why you need to take the time out this month to reassess where you’re at.

The one big question

If there’s something that’s been on your goals list since the start of the year that you still haven’t pursued, the big question to ask yourself is ‘why?’

Are you scared?

Are you unsure of where to start?

Does the goal you wrote down at the beginning of the year no longer resonate with you?

Or is it just a matter of focusing in and making it a priority?

The most important thing you can do right now is to take a real look at your list of 2015 creative goals and differentiate between what you really want to and need to do and what’s outdated.

There’s no shame in dropping something from your list if it doesn’t make sense for you anymore. In fact, it will give you more energy to focus on what you really want to achieve.

Your next step

So decide what you want and need to do, and set a new goal to achieve it (or at least make a start on it) in the next six months.

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Mid year is a chance for a reset. Reestablish your goals, refocus your energies and make the second half of 2015 count.

How are you going with your 2015 creative goals? Will you make time this week to reassess your goals and decide what to take action on in the next six months? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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